real estate finance

Panalyst offer loan products for commercial and personal real estate throughout Poland.

Operating in Poland and Krakow since 2004 we have developed a reputation for professionalism and customer service.

Investors and developers who enter the Polish market consistently understimate the difficulties in procuring bank finance. This is our speciality and leveraging our expertise will allow you to navigate credit approval processes that are still relatively opaque, inflexible and bureaucratic.

We have established a network of 15 financial institutions, which we have vetted and worked with at Director level. This allows us to present to clients a 'beauty parade' of network banks and secure best terms.

Clients have included developers, high net worth inidividuals and corporations. Our approach stresses client communication and management of the bank's internal processes and deadlines.

Focus is also placed on detailed financial analyses, that quickly assess project credit quality and potential returns.

Leveraging our network of real estate contacts, also allows us to source properties and investments, that are not yet available on the wider market.

Panalyst and its partner firms (PPD investments) are also developers in the Polish market. As poachers turned gamekeepers we understand the needs of our clients and can quickly point out potential project issues.

Our team and partners include estate agents, experienced development professionals, senior analysts, lawyers, accountants and valuation experts.

We are always looking to enhance our bank network. If you are a financial institution, with transparent, open and reliable credit lending criteria, please contact us.


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