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is the premier provider of plots of land for sale in Krakow. We have also operated in other parts of Poland.

We have assisted individuals and companies to find investment packages that are right for them.

We specialise in locating development land for sale and working with clients to understand the potential of different plots.

Introduction: As the prices of apartments and houses in major towns and cities in Poland continue to rise, plot prices follow suit and rise rapidly. Hence there is a great deal of interest in building plots. It is becoming more difficult to find interesting plots. Most people are interested in suburban plots and agricultural plots on the outskirts of towns. Agricultural land is eligible for EU subsidies enhancing its attractiveness to investors. It is predicted that in 7-8 years if land values follow the current trend, they will be similar to prices in major EU countries.

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Please take the time to review our plot guide as this will help you understand Polish planning rules and the state of the market.


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